Spinal Cord Injury | Help & Support

At Home Helpers Care we offer care at home for people who suffer from spinal cord injuries. You will have complete control over the level of support you have, whether it will be live-in or one of our specialist carers visiting you as and when you need.

What is a spinal injury?

A spinal injury is when the spinal cord has been damaged, either from a traumatic injury, such as an accident, or a non-traumatic injury, such as a tumour or haemorrhage.

Home Support for spinal cord injury

Home Helpers Care will provide an experienced and dedicated carer to support and help you maintain your quality of life.

We would work with you to create an individual care plan so you are able to maintain your lifestyle and we will work round you and your commitments and hobbies.

Your carer would be able to support you in a number of tasks, which could include:

  • Preparing and cooking your meals

  • Support with mobility around your home

  • Personal care

  • Administering medication

  • Household chores and running errands

  • Mobility support around the home

Contact one or our experienced Care Mangers to discuss spinal injuries care and support you need.