Quality Care

When you’re looking for a carer, the number one priority is finding someone you can trust. This person will be coming into your home and if you have a live-in carer, they will be staying with you 24/7. You want the reassurance that you will receive the care and compassion everyone deserves.

At Home Helpers Care, all our domiciliary and live-in carers are fully and thoroughly trained in delivering the best possible service and care to suit each individual’s needs. We understand that it can be hard to lose certain parts of your independence, however we want to make sure that you are able to remain as independent as possible, that you are able to choose when you would like support.

At Home Helpers, our values are integral to our working environment and how we support our clients. This ensures we deliver on providing quality care every day throughout the year.

Our values are: HELPERS

  • We help our clients to remain living in their own homes where they feel most happy and comfortable

  • Everyone is treated with equal respect and importance

  • Strong, positive leadership enables our staff to reach their full potential

  • We take pride in our work and actively seek new ways in doing things better

  • Staff and clients are empowered to achieve positive working relationships

  • Our clients are treated with dignity and respect 

  • Staff are provided with support and expert training to be the best they can.

We incorporate these values when caring for our clients and our carers share our passion to ensure those they care for are treated with respect.