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Home Helpers Care has been providing professional & trustworthy live-in care services in Oxfordshire, West Berkshire, Cotswolds and the neighbouring counties since 1991! You can hire a dedicated live-in care assistant at the starting cost of £925 per week.

What is Live-In Care?

Live-In Care, as the name suggests, is a service wherein a care assistant offers bespoke, one-to-one support to either you or your loved ones by being around 24X7. Live-in care makes it possible for the elderly to remain in the comfort of their homes, surrounded by their friends, family and pets, which naturally improves their mental state. This care service enables people to live life the way they want by providing them with physical as well as emotional support.

What Are the Benefits of Live-In Care?

The rising demand for live-in care services in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas indicates that people are getting drawn towards them. In fact, live-in care services entail two-fold benefits. First, the one who receives the care always has someone at their disposal to help them out in their daily tasks. Second, it gives mental peace and satisfaction to their family that their loved one is doing well and being taken care of professionally.

Who Needs Live-In Care?

Live-in care is for anyone who is unable to take care of themselves or is suffering from a long-term illness or an injury, so much so that they require someone to assist them until they recover completely.

Those who would need live-in care services include: 

  • Those Recovering From Accident Injuries

  • Post-Surgery Patients

  • Those Suffering from Mental Disorders

  • Those Afflicted With A Terminal Illness

  • Those Requiring Other Short-Term Care

Why Live-In Care?

Live in care promotes independence for our clients enabling them to remain in their own home. 

Live in care allows our clients to keep their normal day to day life much the same. Hobbies and interests can be maintained and a live in care also provides our clients with companionship and emotional support. 

Each client varies in their needs for live in care. These can include:

  • Recovering from accidents, illnesses and surgery with short term medical conditions

  • Clients may need respite care after hospital stay, or recovering from a stroke.

  • Mental health recovery

  • Assistance with daily activities i.e. personal care, food preparation, medication administration

  • Terminal illness & end of live

  • Dementia & Parkinsons


The journey to having a live in carer

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24/7 Support

At Home Helpers Care we provide out of hours services. One of our trained staff members will always answer your call and be able to provide you with support and advice.

If you would like to arrange a visit or find out more information, please call us on 01235 848822/77 or email us at

Costs & Funding

The cost of live in care varies according to the level of care needed. Costs start from £950 per week. Once one of our Care Managers visit and conduct a care assessment, we can confirm the exact cost.

Finance options is available, please call us on 01235 848822/77 to discuss in more detail.